Carole King - Crying In The Rain chords

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Hey everyone this is my first "tabbing", or actually this is a chord thingy.
But this is a song which i like very very much, but can't find a proper version of 
it in here, so i thought i would make one :)

First of all i will just put the chords and text for the whole song, but in the 
end, there is a rather important information, so: LOOK FOR IT!!

(the real song has an intro, but you wont be using that anyway
but you can play this as an intro):

Intro: |G  C|D  G|G  C|

Verse 1: 
G    C     D       G
I'll never let you see
             C              D        G
The way my broken heart is hurtin' me
             C            B7             Em
I've got my pride ande i know how to hide
       C                D7
All my sorrow and pain... I'll do my crying in the rain

Bridge: |Esus Em| Esus Em| C|

Verse 2 (as Verse 1):
If i wait for cloudy skies
You wont know the rain from the tears in my eyes
You'll never know that i still loved you so
Though the heartaches remains... I'll do my crying in the rain


C                         Am
 Rainddrops falling from hea - ven 
      D7                       G   
Could never wash away my misery
But since we are not together
I'll pray for stormy weather
to hide away the things i hope you'll never

Verse 3 (as Verse 1):

Some day when my cryings done
Im gonna wear a smile and walk in the sun
I may be a fool, but till then darling you'll
Never see me complain... I'll do my crying in the rain

Bridge (finish on Em)

THE THING!!!!: When you are playing from C to D7 in the verse, dont play a regular 
D7, slide from regular open C chord to D7 in C-chord type, and make sort of an 
Pause, and the strum Esus to Em, Like |EsusEsusEsus Em| EsusEsusEsus Em| C---|, 
where you just let the C chord ring, and then you go on :) 

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