Carole King - No Easy Way Down chords

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No Easy Way Down (Goffin-King) 

This is my take on the arrangement from her 1970 Album writer and the song had 
previously been recorded by Dusty Springfield on the Dusty in Memphis Album.

I did not know that Scott Walker/Engel had recorded it until I found the Tab on 
UG. I have changed the key to that of the recording (G major), and added her embellishments
Intro G                    Bm7          Cmaj7  Am7/D  (=D11)

Verse 1
G                    Bm7          Cmaj7  Am7/D  (=D11)
Your toy balloon has sailed in the sky, love
G               Bm7          Cmaj7 Am7/D
But now it must fall to the ground
         Gmaj9    Cmaj9          Gmaj9      Cmaj9
And your sad eyes reveal just how badly you feel
    G     Bm7 Cmaj7 Bm7      Am7  Am7/D  D7     
And there is   no   easy way down

Verse 2
The view from the cliffs must have been exciting
And up to the peaks you were bound
Now you're stranded alone and the path is unknown
    G     Bm7 Cmaj7 Bm7      E7    EEF     
And there is   no   easy way down

G                 F     Am7/D               G                        F Am7/D
No,it isn't very easy,(BVno easy way down) when you're left on your own NEWD
G                  F     Am7/D             G                   F   
No, it isn't very easy when each road you take is one more mistake
Am7/D                  G            F    Am7/D         Am7     Am7/D   D7   
And there's no-one to break you fall and leads you back home

Verse 3
We all like to fly to the heights, love
Where our fantasy worlds can be found
You must know it's the end when it's time to descend
And there is no easy way down

    G     Bm7 Cmaj7 Bm7      E     Emaj7     
And there is   no   easy way down

Outro (Key changes to A)

Amaj7  Emaj7 repeat to fade

Harder Chords D11 (notes D A C E G) Cmaj9 (Notes C E G B D)Fmaj9 (F A C E G)
C maj7 (C E G B) Amaj7 (A C# E G#) Emaj7 (E G# B D#) 
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