Carrie Hope Fletcher - Why Cant I Be A Disney Princess chords

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I was bored and I love this song, so I decided to pay close attention to the video 
and find the chords. :) Enjoy, my fellow Hopefuls!

Capo: 3rd
*Note: When you play G, add your pinky to the bottom string and scoot up your ring 
finger to the B string.

          G            D
Why can't I be, a Disney Princess?
         C                            G
I've got everything a Disney Princess needs
I've got the singing, I've got the dresses
     C                                       G
Just need a prince to get himself down on one knee

And maybe like Snow White, 
I could wish into a well, 
Or find the answer in a book 
just like that funny girl named Belle
    C                           G
Or maybe like Mulan I've got to fight for royalty
A                             D    (D with pinky on 4 B string)
Disney when will you discover me 

G               D             
All I need is a true love's kiss 
and a magic carpet ride
handsome prince right by my side
    G            D 
And animals that listen when I call 
Perfect hair and big round eyes
I'm a princess in disguise 
      Am7                          D
Don't own a castle or a house with seven men or royal spouse
   C                                D
no stepmother for plot twists worth awards
        Am7                             D
I burst into song get funny looks Always got my nose stuck in a book 
   C                                        D(hold)
so where's this prince, tiara's, spells and swords?

                   G           D
But I know I could be a Disney Princess 
       C                              G
Will I get to give the "royal" thing a whirl 
          G(hold)               D(hold)
Or will I always, just be quite normal
  C             D               G
a deluded silly average teenage girl!
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