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Carrie Hope Fletcher - Why Cant I Be A Disney Princess chords

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HI, Tis is my first tab so please tell me if anythings wrong, Capo 3 (also i have 
a question, how do i get the chords to turn blue and do the thing where they show 
the chord if you hover on them?)

Ok, so carrie uses a chord im not sure what its called so i just put D* but you play it like this

         G              D
Why Cant i be, a Disney princess?
          C                            G
I've got everything a Disney Princess needs.

I've got the singing, 
I've got the dress sense, 
             C                                G
Just need a prince to get himself down on one knee

    C                                        G
And maybe like snow white, i could wish into a well
             C                                G
Or find the answer in a book, just like that funny girl named belle
       C                         G
Or maybe like Mulan I've got to fight for royalty
     A                            D      D*    D
Oh, Disney when will you discover me?

G               D
All I need is a true loves kiss
       C                       D
And a magic carpet ride, and a prince right by my side
    G                   D
And animals that listen when I call
    C                                D
And perfect hair and big round eyes, I'm a princess in disguise 

Don't own a castle or a house
With seven men or royal spouse
     C                             D
No stepmother for plot twists worth awards

I burst into song get funny looks
Always got my nose stuck in a book
     C                                      D
So where's this prince, Tiara's, Spells and Swords?

              G               D
But I know I couldn't be a Disney Princess
       C                             G
Will i get to give the royal thing a whirl?
  G                            D
Or will I always just be quite normal?

   C               D         G
 A deluded, silly, average, teenage girl
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