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Carrie Underwood - Night Before Life Goes On chords

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Different key but still works=]

Cadd9          D5
Sittin up on the roof
Cadd9           D5
Sneakin a smoke by the chimney
Cadd9        D5
Checkin out the moon
And the city lights
Cadd9                  D5
He takes off his flannel shirt
    Cad9            D5
And drapes it around her shoulders
Cadd9             D5           G
Slides up behind her and holds on tight

And she says
Em7       D5                 Cadd9
I donít want this night to end
Why does it have to end

    D5               Cadd9
Tomorrow she'll be rollin down I-10
Baton Rouge, LSU
D5                   Cadd9
18 years in her rear-view
D5                  Cadd9                 G
He's got a friday paycheck lined up down the block

At daddy's shop
It ain't much but its a job
Em7                       D5                Cadd9
Theyíve been dreadin this moment all summer long
The night before
Life goes on

Life goes on
Yeah thatís what my momma told me
And just like those kids
   Em7                    Cadd9
I didnít wanna listen to no one
Yea thereís nothin you can do
Thereís nothin you can say
And I know how it feels when love goes away
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