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Carrie Underwood - You Wont Find This chords

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You Wont Find This
Carrie Underwood

Capo:  3rd Fret

Intro:  Em-Bm-A-G Em-Bm-A

Em                  Bm     A               G
  Did you check the tires, put gas in the car?
Em                 Bm
  I don't think you'll need too much,
           A                    G
Cause you aint gonna get that far
Em                 Bm
  Did you pack the good times?
A                G
  Dont forget a map
Just incase the route you take, isn't there to take you back

You can hold any girl that you like
Fall in love when it's easy at night
But you wake up wondering why
Bm             A
She ain't ever something better 
When you're lost, and you've run out of road
Find what I already know
Bm         A                  G
In the end close is all there is 
But you won't find this
No you won't find this

(V2 Same chords as V1)
There's once in a lifetime
And there's once in a while
And the difference between the two
Is about a million miles 
Oh you might get lucky
While the moon is looking on
But in the truth of the morning, 
The stars will be long gone


LEAD:  (Bm-A-G) x2


Bm                A             G
Oh in the end it's me your gonna miss
                    Em-Bm-A-G Em-Bm-A
But you won't find this
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