Cascades - My First Day Alone chords

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WRITER:Chander De Vorzon
BAND: Cascades

Intro:  E-G-A- pause

D               F#m
 Here comes the morning sun,
G             D
 It's another day.
G              D     Bm
 But today I'm on my own,
G                  D
 It's my first day alone.
G                  A
 It's my first day alone.

D          F#m
 Why did I lose my love
G                            D
 Mine ‘till yesterday
G                        D             Bm
 Lose the only love I've known
G                            D
 It's my first day alone
G                             D     -D7
 It's my first day alone
       G                                  F#m
      I can live without so many things
                    G              A               D-D7
     They're so unimportant to me
                       G                                           F#m
     But I can live without a love that's everything
        G                                A
      I'll have to wait and see

D             F#m
  I know I'll see the sun
G                 D
  Bring me other days
G                  D     Bm
  But will I be so on my own
G                  D
  As my first day alone
G           A        D
  This my first day alone

Ad Lib: G F#m G A D D7 -
        G F#m G A A# D#

(Repeat last stanza, moving chords half tone
 [one step] higher)

To fade:

G#pause               D#
  This my first day alone.

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