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Casey Hubble - You Make Me Better chords

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“You Make Me Better”
Casey Hubble

Verse 1 (Em-G-C-D)

My clothes they smell like the hotel lobby
I ain’t got no hobbies
Except you with me.
Can’t put a saddle on
This cloud I straddle
The one shaped like you
With a number 9 tattoo

Verse 2 (Em-G-C-D)
I like to wear a whiskey smile
She puts on make up
It takes a while.
Her hair is sun bleached
Just like yours was
Last December
We caught a good buzz (with my heart of sawdust???)

It hasn’t rained in 16 days here
You’re in a fog now  (now…)
I’ve got my head clear
We’ve both fallen for monsters in the closet
I’ve been thinkin’ about it, you’ve been what I’m wantin’

Chorus: (C-D-Em-G)
And uh oh
We’re so close
To fallin’ for each other, should we even bother?
You make me better…
And uh oh
Those walls (fall…) like
My faith fell
When you left town
(You make me better)

Verse 4 (Em-G-C-D)
I guess I missed you
In church last Sunday
Johnny 3:16 took my breath away
Talked to Laura, works down at the hotel
She said that you checked in
I think that I’ve checked out

Bridge:(Em-G-C-D-C)-PALM MUTE
Well it’s 4 in the morning and I’m sick of it
This puzzle piece chick don’t seem to fit.
Got me tongue tied over you again 
Like a Ferris wheel baby givin’ me the spins.
Yeah my hearts like a brick it tends to sink
I’m on the edge right on the brink
Yeah…I want you sleepin’ next to me (drum build up)
Yeah…I want you sleepin’ next to me

Chorus (2x)
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