Casey Hurt - I Will Love You To The Grave chords

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Casey Hurt - Will Love You Til The Grave

He plays with capo on 4th fret - I rock it on the 2nd fret - choose your own adventure!

Intro - C strumming

Verse 1:

I will love you to the death
'Til my lungs breathe their last breath
        Am                    F
'Til my heart takes its final rest
       C        G      C
I will love you to the death

Verse 2:

I will love you to the grave
'Til my life just can't be saved
       Am                 F
When I reach those pearly gates
               C          G      C
They'll say he loved them to the grave

(spoken) Let's rock


            Am           G
If I should die before I wake
           C                  Am
I pray the lord my soul would take
               F                 G          C
But leave some love for memory's sake for my friends

Verse 3:

So when you're old and you're tired
And your heart's ready to expire
           Am                  F
I hope you say with your final fire
       C         G      C
That I loved you to the grave

End on a C/F/C strum and let it ring
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