Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Scattered Pearls tab

C Dm G Am G
C                                    Dm
the clasp broke at the disco Mom I'm sorry
& the older men who hit on Becky
Am                          G         C
nearly broke their necks on scattered pearls
& we searched the best we could
    G                           Am
for two entire songs we knelt & felt along
                G      C       Dm Am
the place where we had stood

                  G                         C Dm G Am G
but we only found 7 of Grandmother's pearls

C                                   Dm
& as we rode the bus home I thought surely
G                            Am
I'd wake up tomorrow just to find
                      G    C
that I had dreamed up everything
there'd still be pearls on a string
I wouldn't smell like smoke & I'd still
Am                       G        C       Dm
have the cash that I had spent on drinks
Am           G                          C      Dm G
oh I feel as scattered as Grandmother's pearls
Am  G     C   Dm G
Mom don't cry
Am      G    C       Dm G Am G
they're only pearls


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