Cass Mccombs - The Executioners Song chords

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C          F                          Em Em/D Em
I love my job almost as much as I do you
     C/G     F  G G/F G/E G/D
It's a good job
C          F
I may not get paid as much
                 Em Em/D Em
but I more than make up
        C/G       F             G G/F G/E G/D
with an enormous sense of self-worth
    C C/B Am Am/G F
My job

Some people just work to
pay the bills and put bread on the table
I couldn't do that
I need feeling and purpose
My job

Although i admit sometimes
it's not very fun
in fact, it can be pretty stressful
at the end of the day
I know I begun and completed the work
only by my own willpower

There is work that is play
There is play that is work
And play that is play
And work that is work
And in only one of these
lies happiness
I'm a pretty lucky guy
I love you and i love my job
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