Cassie Steele - Mr Colson Acoustic chords

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I got this from an acoustic performance. I don't know what all the chords are 
called. This intro is just a hammer/pull off of the chord.

Chords used:
Bm  idk1 idk2 G  F#  A
7   7     5   3  2   5
7   7     5   3  2   5
7   9     7   4  3   6
9   9     7   5  4   7
9   7     5   5  4   7
7   7     5   3  2   5

Intro: Bm hammer on/pull off both strings 

   Bm                       Bm
Ain't nobody like you, I ever met before now,

  Idk1                  Idk2            Bm
Take a normal picture of life, and you mess it around.

   Bm                       Bm
You're just so complicated, I wanna figure you out,

  Idk1                  Idk2            Bm
Wanna write you on paper so I can     sing your song by mouth.

  G               F#              
But more than I, You are confused,

Bm                A
You don't know why Your heads unscrewed.

G                 F#
Maybe on day you'll unbury the truth

Bm               A
Before you get to jaded and then you can't take it.

G      F#          Bm
I am   good for you. 

G                      F#                                  Bm
I know what you like, and I like the same things as you do,

G       F#       Bm
Let me inside you,

G                  F#    
If you'd just open, then we'd be rollin,

Bm             A
in happines, Mr. Colson,

G    F#       Bm
Let me love you.

[Verse 2 same as above]
It's all about you,don't care about nobody else,
Wanna break your mirror down,
this world is more then yourself.
You live half your live,and you fake the rest,
I fell for the hero you showed me,
'Cause you had past success.
But more than you I am confused,
You never cared 'bout, when I'm blue,
Call me your girl and I'll call myself fool,
But I still protect you, from whats against you,
I was good for you.
I know what you believe I see the same way as you do,
But you closed me out of you,
If you'd just open then we'd be rollin,
In happiness Mr. Colson.
Let me love you. 

G            F# 
If I can't have it,

Won't waste my time grabbin,

G                F#
Wrote you down rabid,

Bm                  A
Never took you for granted.

G            F#
I was inspired, 

Bm                         A
Yes I'm please with my mind work.

G              F#
I'll sleep when I'm tired

Cause you started a fire.

G             F#  Bm                  A
Now I can laugh, Cause I opened to grab,

G         F#    
Something you'll never have.

Yes, Now I can laugh.

G    F#            Bm
I was good for you.

G                          F#
But it's a good thing that I didn't sink,

For a fool.

G          F#       Bm
You were just my muse.

G                   F#
I got so much story, enough that can hold me,

Bm               A
Til I find a new man,

G      F#         Bm    A
Thats broken like Mr. Colson
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