Casting Crowns - White Dove Fly High chords

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*Capo on 2nd fret to play with album. I hope you like this song as much as I do. It's a 
beautiful song. God bless!*

Intro: Em

        Em                  Am
Pu li leun haneul ga eh
                  D            G
Hee mang eh nale pyuhgo
             C                  Am
Han up she jayoo lo ee
                      B            Em
Choom choo myu nali nae

Bee dul gee ya!
Bee dul gee ya!
       D                    G  B
duh no pee nal ah la

            Am      D         G
Nae jo gook ee po leun ha naneul
            B                        Em
Gooleumee heuleejee ahngeh

              Em            Am
High up in the blue sky
               D                              G
Wings of hope are spreading wide
A white dove is dancing
Am     B                Em
Flying free and happily

White dove,
White dove,
           D                  G  B
Flying higher and higher

              Am        D                         G
Lest my country's clean and blue skies
                  B                Em
Should be cloudy and grey.

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