Cat Power - Empty Shell chords

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This is a very nice song and easy to play.

INTRO: A - E - D - E 

A            E    D           E
all that is left is an empty shell
A       E           D         E
of my heart that is crushed
A         E               
i don't never wanna see
D                 E (break)
what my mind has seen
             A  E  D  E
when you loved me
A            E         D           E
every night, every night alone with you
A            E    D           E
every night alone now

(repeats with same chords)

when she sits on your lap
try to pretend to laugh
when she does stupid things
just like i used to do
do no hate her
don't you even try
for to leave her is to love her
the same as you and i
I love you 
and i miss you too
i really do love you
and i really miss you too

but i don't know you
and i don't need you
and i don't want you anymore

every night, every night alone with you
every night alone now
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