Catherine Feeny - Touch Back Down chords

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You can't tell the truth
Not even to yourself
   Am                                        C
It hurts too much to admit that it's in there

        C                             Am
You can lie and dissemble with anyone else
    F               Am      G
But I know you like I know myself

/C                    G
/Touch back down will you
/                     Am
/Put your feet on the ground and
/               G
/Stay here with me
/Touch back down will you
/Let me look at you
/As you are
/           F
/Touch back down

I would love to hold you
I cannot get near you
I would love to show you

But you are shuffling sideways
You think I don't notice
That you're slipping away


I have got to learn 
Not to go choosing
The ones who don't choose me

I am always picking
The fruit that's furthest on the tree
It's sweetest to me

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