Celebration Church - Makakodzera chords

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Bm              A7/C#             D
O the wonder of the awesome things Youíve done 
        Em7                                F#7sus4   F#7
On a cross, You thought of me 
        Bm              A7/C#          D
And now my heart and soul are fully satisfied 
         Em7            F#7sus4   F#7
Lord I          am ever grateful 

        Bm   A7/C#            D
And You fill me with Your strength
                        Gmaj7       A7sus4  A7
You give me Your Spirit, now Iíll sing

          D      G          Asus4 A
Makakodzera mbiri yose (You are worthy of all the glory)
         D           G         Asus4
Muri Mambo werugare (Youíre the Prince of peace)
A#o         Bm7
Ndorumbidza, (I praise)
A7/C#   D     G6
Ndonamata  Ishe (I worship You Lord)
             D/A   A7sus4   A7         D  
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