Celine Dion - Stand By Your Side tab

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Intro: D-Bm-A-G (2x)
D                     Bm
I cried then you comfort me
            A                     G
Iím lost then you gave me that sqeezed
After I watch falling
      Bm                  A
When your arms so near in me
Youíre listening
D                     A
Let me stand by your side
Em                           G
Let me kiss all your tears away
D                   A
You can stay in my arms
            Em         G           D-A-G
And I know I can make you believe again
Verse: (Do cp verse)
I walk, you can run through by
I search for reasons baby you ignore it
I know you really need a friend
You can take my hand
(Repeat Chorus)
E                             A
Itís a fool when you canít go on
Donít you know it ever work
            G F#m Em
Youíre losing me
(Repeat Chporus moving to 1 fret higher
E                      B
Iím gonna stay, stand by your side
F#m                   A
Kiss all your tears away
E                               B
Iím gonna stay, stand by your side
            F#m          A
And make you believe again
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