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Centro-matic - Vd City chords

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Will Johnson -- "VD City" 
From the "New Multitudes" record

Music by Will Johnson 
Lyrics by Woody Guthrie

Tabs by Tim Prizer (

***[Asus] is x-0-2-2-3-0 
***[Em7] is 0-2-2-0-3-0 

[D] Youíve seen your bright visions of [Asus] glory 
Where [G] love built your city on [D] high 
I have [Em7] just seen your cold lower [G] dungeons 
Where the [D] victims of syph roll [Asus] and cry 

They are [D] called to this city of [Asus] sorrow 
To [G] confess all the wrong things [D] theyíve done 
Their [Em7] teardrops and weeping runs [G] louder 
Than my [D] city blown down [Asus] by the [D] bombs 

Thereís a [D] street named for every dis[Asus]ease here 
Syph [G] Alley and Clap Ave[D]nue 
And the [Em7] whores and their pimps and their [G] victims 
Crawl [D] past on the curbs in [Asus] my view 

Once [D] young and once healthy and [Asus] happy 
Now a [G] whirlpool of raving [D] insane 
Lost [Em7] here in the wild VD [G]City 
Where [D] nobody knows you [Asus] by [D] name 

Your [D] eye is too tested to [Asus] see here 
Worse than [G] lepers your skin runs [D] with sores 
Every [Em7] window stands full of lost [G] faces 
Human [D] wrecks pile the steps and the [Asus] doors 

Must you [D] pay your way to this [Asus] city 
With an [G] hour of passionís de[D]sire 
I [Em7] pray that Iíll not see your [G] face here 
Where the [D] millions now burn [Asus] in the [D] fires
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