Chad Michael Stewart - The Ones Who Are tab

Song --> The Ones Who Are
Artist --> Chad Michael Stewart

Tuning --> 1/2 down

Chords used in vaiation

 D'sus4, E'minor7, C'add9 . . .

      Dsus4   Em7  C'add9  Dsus4
eb |----3------3------3------3--|
Bb |----3------3------3------3--|
Gb |----2------0------0------2--|
Db |----0------2------2------0--|
Ab |----0------2------3------0--|
Eb |----2------0------0------2--|

       C'add9    Dsus4
eb |-----3---------3----|
Bb |-----3---------3----|
Gb |-----0---------2----|
Db |-----2---------0----|
Ab |-----3---------0----|
Eb |-----0---------2----|

As far as the bridge goes, on the cd there are two pianos,
depending on your fret board you may be able to play the
higher of the two. I can't; so i use harmonics to play the latter.

eb |-------------------------------------------|
Bb |---------------------------(12)------------|
Gb |--------(12)-------------------------------|
Db |---(12)------(12)-(7)-(12)------(12)-(7)---|  X3
Ab |-------------------------------------------|
Eb |-------------------------------------------|

Those are your chords repeat as required...
simple to play sounds great, im not sure if it is exactly
how Chad plays it, however I have preformed it like
this and it sounds pretty good...
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