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Chad Neidt - My First Crush chords

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                             MY FIRST CRUSH - Chad Neidt
Tabbed by: AlfieC

This is an awesome song and it's really funny as well! 
It took me a while to figure out the chords so if you like it please let me know 
in the comments and rate 5 stars.
Here is the original video -

Intro: D A Em G

D           A     Em             G
Here is the story about my first crush
D           A             Em           G
An innocent tale that has no themes of lust
D               A             Em           G
The priest had a daughter who looked very sweet
D            A            Em             G
I went up to her and said, My names Chad Neidt

    D          A          Em            G
She smiled and told me, I think were in luck,
     D            A               Em              
Then jumped in her bed and said, Its time to 
Bm            G          D           A
Pretend youre doctor and pretend Im sick
    D            A            Em              
You take care of me and then Ill suck your
Bm        G          D          A
Hard banana flavored last candy runt
     D             A             Em              
Then you spread my legs and start rubbing my
Bm             G      D              A
Skin with some lotion because its so dry
D              A           Em          G
If youd do all that youd be my kind of guy!

D        A          Em           G           
Later we both took a dip in the pond
And started creating a romantic bond
After we finished swimming in the mosh
We agreed that we really needed a wash

She said, I think I know what we can do next
Lets take off our clothes and then well have some
Showers in separate bathrooms that lock
After were done Ill massage your big
Shoulders so that your muscle pain will pass
Then Ill stick your fingers right into my
Chocolate mudslide cake I made today
Youll taste it and tell me if it tastes ok!

After we cleaned ourselves up she declared
That she knew there was something special we shared
From there I began to caress her wrist
Instinctually I went in for a kiss

She said, Hang on,

I have bad breath could you give me some gum
Or into my mouth squirt a big load of 
Toothpaste that will clean my inner mouth walls
So my tongue is clean enough to lick your
Wrinkled and hairy yet massive armpit,
She said, Im just joking now eat out my
Heart by telling me that I am pretty;
Oh fine Ill just say it please fuck my pussy

Thanks Everybody :D
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