Chad Perrone - Awake In The Morning chords

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Chad Perrone
"Awake In The Morning"
From the album "Wake"

Tuning: Standard Capo 1

G 	320033
D	200232 or 200233 [for chorus]
Em	022033
C	032033

Intro: G-D-C-D-G-D-C-D


G            D     C 
tell me what sound it makes
               D      G
my head on the pillow case
                 D      C          D
im tired and its been a long year
G                D   C 
im only knee deep in it
                   D          G 
but i feel like im covered in shit
                       D        C         D
just look what they've tried to do to me


Em      D       C
keep my head on straight
Em            D           C
and let world come day by day


        G              D
so if i sleep away the entire day
          Em             C
would you wake me in the morning
would you think less of me
if i admitted defeat
           Em       C
im just so tired of running

verse2: (chords same as verse 1)

it started out so innocent
sometimes i try to pretend
that i havent become so jaded
ill be fine if im left alone
just point me towards home
and ill pretend were not so faded

repeat refrain:
repeat chorus:


D                 C
i dont believe it much anymore
D                            C
should this something i dont know
                D        C
to help me to restore my broken faith

lift lift me up
if im falling 
wake wake me up
if im sleeping
lift lift me up 
if im slipping
Em   D       C
oohh wake me up in the morning

Do chorus chords (1x)

repeat chorus
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