Chad Perrone - Motionless chords

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Chad Perrone
From the album "Release"

Tuning: Standard

D	000230	
F#m	044200
Asus2	002200
E	022100

Intro: D-F#m (3x)

Verse 1:
D F#m   			    D F#m
   you could call like a heart attack
				 Asus2 E
   any excuse that i cant go back
				  F#m   Asus2 E 
   i refuse that i ever feel like that again

D F#m			    D F#m
   pull me up in a hospital bed
 	                   Asus2 E
list of all the meds id be taking
	                      F#m        Asus2 E 
little ??verse?? that help me forget you no

Refrain 1:
D	         F#m
set it up like a scene
tell me what i should be thinking
D		       F#m 
watch me close give me notes
tell me what im not doing, cuz


i know that no ones gonna save me
shes got me convinced im known crazy
E                          D
im holding on for the easy kill
i've yet to feel like im ok
were planning bridges we keep burning
E                            D 
movin on feels like standing still

Repeat Intro

Verse 2: (same verse chords)
can we move past this hole in my chest
the doctor said that it was all for the best
forgive me now for a little i've left to give

Refrain 2:
D	           F#m 
this is more but i know
little dose of "what the fuck was i thinking"

Repeat chorus:

F#m Asus2 E
           how did i get here
F#m Asus2 E
	   magnify my fears
F#m Asus2 E
           tell me what should i be doing now
F#m Asus2 E		     F#m Asus2 E
           how do i get over you now

Do chorus chords (1x)

repeat chorus

Asus2 		  F#m
cuz no ones gonna save me
                  E             D
shes got me going crazy ooh yeah

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