Chadwick Stokes - Prison Blue Eyes Downtown chords

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This is my first time figuring out the chords to a full song, so here it goes. 
Its a great tune by Chad! Not yet released but its off the upcoming album, I got 
the chords from watching him play on youtube and messing around a little bit. 

Also, the recording sounds like its meant for ukulele.And I had a hard time making 
out the lyrics so yeee 

Im gonna go downtown
E             A
Ill miss you all the way
E                     A                        
I miss your stripes, your Lily whites
D                       E
That have turned dirty gray

Im gonna go downtown 

Im gonna pay that fare

Im gonna miss your crooked teeth

Miss your pixie hair


D#m                      E
Cause I hate to see you suffering
A                E               A           E    D          
Donít ever want your prison blue eyes to be sad, not once
D#m                    E
I know its not how it goes
A         E          A         E
But this worrying is undersold Ohhh

Im gonna go downtown 
Im grow my fate
Im gonna blink twice where I was only gonna placate

Im gonna go down East
Walk down Elliot Street
Wave to the murals with my little girl 
Watch the cracks in the concrete 


Whistle Verse


Probably made some errors but its a rough version of it!
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