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Chameleon Circuit - Shipwrecked chords

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Verse: A, Em
Chorus: D, Dm, A, Ab (E at the end)
Middle-8: G, A, G, A, Dm, A, Dm, A
Outro: D, Dm, A

I believe everything happens for a reason
Why did we end up here
Chronarchs dead, nothing left; all seems so confusing
Vortex canít just disappear

What happens when all the lights go out
Thereís no way back; weíre stranded now
What happens when everything goes dark
Itís got no life left in its heart

Iím sorry, Iím so sorry
Seems Iím not that clever after all

Now my race are erased; nothing but the memories
Folktalkes told through time
Legacy meant to be buried with the yale key
And my remaining lives

A green glimmer of hope, we canít let it go to waste
If I give some of my life, weíll use it to escape this place
Where are they running off to, I thought that they would care
Try to keep them safe, they donít know what lies out there

Iím getting old and I canít carry on
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