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Chameleon Circuit - Awful Lot Of Running chords

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This if my first tab. I did this according to a video done by nerimon, so I hope this 
right. It sounded pretty good to me when I played along. The strumming is a little 
so I suggest just listening to the song and try to get it.


 E1                      G1

Repeat 3x. On the 4th time do this.


Just stop right on that chord and slide down to E2 and repeat the pattern above.
E2                      G2
Repeat this for all the verses^

The Pre-Choruses goes like this. I'll use the chords for this.
C                          Fmaj7                     E2-G2 pattern
I don't know why I never thought to ask him for his name.
C                       Fmaj7              D7
I don't think he'd have told me the truth anyway
And that's okay.

Am                                   E2
It's completely terrifying, but it's oh so exciting
Dm                                      Fmaj7
He told me I was brilliant and I could save the world.
Am                                E2
So many places I've been, there's so much more to see
           Dm                       G2
We've got galaxies and planets and moons.
G2      G2 G2
And an awful lot of running to doooo.

At the "dooo" part go back to E2-G2.

Then just repeat this for the rest of the song.

At the "binary, binary, binary" part just go into the intro and strum all the binaries.

I hope this helps all who want to learn!
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