Chandeen - From The Inside chords

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"FROM THE INSIDE" - Chandeen
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This is a beautiful 4 chord song from their album "Teenage Poetry".
On the Verses, just play the three bass strings then strum everything on the chorus.

The whole song is:  B  F  C  Am
Each chord gets one measure.



B      F              C              Am
In the time of broken dreams, sorrow and the pain
Its the hardest road to take, leading to nowhere.


B             F
 And I always know

        C                  Am                 B
Its the silent tear that's running from your eye

And I always feel

        C                Am
Its the emptiness that's growing from inside.

Call the winds and call the seas to the saddest day
When the deepest shadows fall from the darkened sky
And forever love is bleeding, haunting lonely bitterness
At the shore of doubtful thoughts, drowned into the fear

(strummed fully:) B  F  C  Am


B  F  C  Am  - repeat & end on Am
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