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Chantal Kreviazuk - Co-dependant tab

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Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 16:49:03 -0500
From: Adam Klein 
Subject: CRD: Co-Dependant - Chantal Kreviazuk

Song: Co-Dependant
By: Chantal Kreviazuk
>From The Album: Under These Rocks And Stones
Chorded by: Adam Klein - &
            Tanja Burdi -

Intro: Piano by itself plays the verse chords (see below),
       and then an overdriven guitar comes in with:

       E  E  G  A  x3

       play that piece 3 times, and then come in with the
       verse chords.

       Another guitar plays the following riff
       3 times throughout the intro:


Verse 1:
[ Tab from: ]
     G    Bm
When I go swimming
D       E
In your intellect
    G          Bm
The water's so shallow
D       E
And the dialect
G     Bm
Is so phony
D     E
But I eat it up
G      Bm
Like Bologna
D           E
I can't get enough

     Bm  C  G        D
Well I        should end it
    Bm  C  G   D
But I        defend it
    Bm  C  G             D
And I        can't comprehend it
       Bm  C  D
'Cause I'm      you're co-dependant

Verse 2: (same chords as Verse 1)

When you go fishing
For a compliment
It's so,
So obvious
But I can't help it,
So I put up with it
'Cause you're my habit
And I just can't quit

Chorus: (same chords as before)

Well I
Should end it
But I
Defend it
Well I
Keep on pretendin'
'Cause I'm
Your co-dependant

Solo: E  E  G  A  (as intro)

    G  Bm E
The world keeps spinnin'
G   Bm  E
Lucifer keeps sinnin'
    G Bm  E
The joker keeps grinnin'
    G Bm   E
But I need a new beginnin'

Solo: (same chords as previous solo)

Chorus: (same chords as before)

Well I
Should end it
But I
Defend it
Well I
Don't recommend it
'Cause I'm
Your co-dependant
Well I
Should end it
But I
Defend it
Well I
Can't comprehend it
Baby be my,
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