Charles Frederick Weigle - No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus chords

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A                              F#m                  E 
I  would  love  to  tell  you  what  I  think  of  Jesus,
           E7                 E/G#                     A 
Since  I  found  in  Him  a  friend  so  strong  and  true.
           A                   A/G                D 
I  would  tell  you  how  He  changed  my  life  completely;
          A             F#m                   E 
He  did  something  no  other  friend  could  do.

          E                E7         A 
No  one  ever  cared  for  me  like  Jesus;
              E                 [ch]E7/G#[/ch]     A 
There's  no  other  friend  so  kind  as  He.
A                                A7                   D           (Dm) 
No  one  else  could  take  the  sin  And  darkness  from  me;
A                 E  E7        A 
O  how  much  He  cared  for  me.

 A                            F#m                      E 
All  my  life  was  full  of  sin  when  Jesus  found  me;
                                E7           A 
All  my  heart  was  full  of  misery  and  woe,
        A                         A/G                  D 
Jesus  placed  His  strong  and  loving  arms  around  me
          A                F#m                E 
And  He  led  me  in  the  way  I  ought  to  go.

 A                         F#m               E 
Every  day  He  comes  to  me  with  new  assurance;
            E7            E/G#                  A 
More  and  more  I  understand  His  word  of  love.
            A                 A/G                 D 
But  I'll  never  know  just  why  He  came  to  save  me,
             A                 F#m             E 
Till  some  day  I  see  His  blessed  face  above.
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