Charlie Daniels Band - Drinkin My Baby Goodbye tab

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Sittin' on a bar stool actin' like a darn fool
That's what I'm a doin' today

Sitting' her drinkin' tryin' to keep from thinkin'
I'm a boozin' my troubles away

Well now I couldn't make her stay doggone her anyway
She can't say that I didn't try
So pour me another one

Im Finished with the other one
I'm drinkin' my baby goodbye

Everytime we disagreed

She was always askin' me
Are you a man or a mouse

Now that she's gone

She probably thinks I'm home
Just a mopin' around the house

She probably thinks that she's the one thing
I just couldn't get along without

Well wouldn't it surprise her I got a sympathizer
As long as these bottles hold out

Repeat Chorus
*same pattern*
Every time I try to sit down and talk to her
It always ends up in a fuss
I tried to reason with her right up to the time
She got on that Greyhound bus
It would be better if I could forget her
'Cause she sure forgot about me
And if takes all night I'm gonna' do it right
I'm gonna' sit here till I can't see

Repeat Chorus * you can chage the key to E here, playing the same pattern but   with 
chords* in order*-E B E B A B E*
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