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Charlie Simpson - Please Let Me Go tab

Hey i discovered charlie simpson a few weeks ago and im in love with his music, ive 
noticed there are only a couple of tabs and chord versions of this song on here so i decided 
to learn it by ear and show you all the correct tabs :)
for this song you need to change your high e string down two steps i think it is which 
is basically the same as the note that you can hear by playing the 3rd fret of the b string.

Please let me go;

the finger picking is fairly easy, it is, 5,3,1,3,4,3 for the first two chords, and then 
it's 4,3,2,3,4,3 for the next two. repeat each chord 4 times.


      C           Am

Same chords for the chorus except you dont use the last chord. 2 beats, 2 beats, 4 
beats. and mute the low e string with your thumb on the chorus


      C           Am

hopefully these tabs are understandable and i hope they helped :) happy guitaring!
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