Charlottes Web - Deep In The Dark chords

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Am                       Dm        Am
Now is the hour when the frogs and thrushes
Am                       Dm        Am
Praise the wold from the woods and rushes
Sleep, my love
Am              E7          Am
Sleep, my only, deep in the dark

Am                  Dm  Am
Fragile and magical shadows
Am                E7
Silently start to appear
Am                  F
Lovely and lyrical, silvery miracle
E7          Am
Charlotte's web

Am                     Dm  Am
Carefully spinning her tracings
Am                  E7
Lacy and gracefully sheer
Am                  F
Over and under, the infinite wonder
   E7          Am
Of Charlotte's web

G                                    C
Why is she spinning and weaving away all night long?
G                                             C
What is she trying so hard to convey with her silent song?

Am                      Dm    Am
Sometimes when somebody loves you
Am               E7
Miracles somehow appear
Am                    F
There in warp and the woof is the proof of it
E7          Am
Charlotte's web
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