Chatham County Line - Crop Comes In chords

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"Crop Comes In" 
Chatham County Line

Capo 2

G                   Am  >   C
Sweet Marie I can hardly Wait
      G                   Am    >    C
Theres gas in the tank, tonights are fate
      G                   Am    >    C
Let us not part souls by the porches light
      G                   Am    >    C  D
Let's go out together into the night

      G                   Am	>    C
She said her friend Peter had a steady wage
      G              Am   >    C   
A home for two, numbers on the page
      G	                        Am   >    C
Well I thought for a while and that's when she spoke
      G                         Am   >    C               D   
And the words as they started I thought were a joke, she said


G			Am   
Come see me when your crop comes in
C 				   D
(When the water's high you can afford to spend)
    G                           Am
I'm high on the cotton and my dress is fine
C                              D
(And I'd spend it all if you could be mine)
     G                            Am
I'm not the kind of woman that's bound to lose
C 				D		G
So don't come around with your poor boy blues

Verse II:
G		                	      Am	           	C
She was sore from the moment she picked up
G		                  Am           C
A plastic fork and a paper cup
G				                 Am	        	C
But She laughed at my jokes and she sure could smile
G			                   Am	          C             D
Something cheap as love should last a while, she said


D                        G
Does a diamond really talk that loud
Am                  C
Does just love not make you proud
D                      Am
When you've got all you can use
C                      D
Don't bore me with your rich girl blues

Verse III:
G                  Am  >   C
Well Sweet Marie I can hardly wait
G                   Am  >     C
Back when I thought you were my fate
G                   Am  >      C
But a diamond told you to walk that aisle
G                   Am  >    C                   D
Even though you could have been, could have been my style

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