Cheap Trick - Ohm Sweet Ohm tab

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[Verse one]

I like you, and i like this town
I mean you, and this wonderful town
        C               G
I like you, you put a smile on my face
Ohm town town, its my kind of place.
I like the pace, i like the pace of this place
I like the style, i'd like to stay here a while
             C            G
I like the birds, singing in the trees
I like the girls and they like me.

C                         G
The kind of town you can kick of your shoes
C                          G
The kind of town can take away the blues
C              G
the kinda town we can all use
Ohhhhhh, Sweet ohmmmmm.

[Verse two is the same]
[Then repeat chorus]

G   C     G   C     G
Ohm sweet ohm sweet ohm.
G   C     G
Ohm sweet ohm

[Let G ring out]
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