Cher Lloyd - Love Me For Me chords

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Tabbed by: Mikaela Brown

so, this is my first tab, but it sounds right! The other tab wasn't 
all. I played along with the music for my tab and it fits! Enjoy :D if the lyrics 
are a bit wrong, sorry. Cher sings really fast at times, but they should be right! :D Thanks!

Capo 3
Standard tuning
Intro: F C F C Am G C F

Verse 1:

F            C
  Phone rings, don't wanna pick it up
   F         C
I'm so scared I'm gonna say too much
 Am      G
I tip toe around your questions
C                F
Why you gotta dig so deep

F         C
Tears fall and the glasses break
  F              C
inside these walls, the floorboards shake
Am       G
from outside it's alright
               C                 F
long as you're looking from fifty feet

       Am             Em
I been trying trying, hold my head up high
       F           C
I been lying lying, keeping it all inside
Am                  Em
trying not to trust you, yeah
take another leaf, i'm broke yeah yeah


I'm done, I give up
I don't wanna pretend no more
That's it, so what
I've lost a friend before
Gonna say it like it is
No more wondering what if
That ain't the way you oughta live
Cause I don't want you to love me
F                                 C G
If you don't wanna love me for me
Cause I don't want you to love me 
If you don't want to love me for me

Verse 2: repeat the same chords from verse 1 
F C F C Am G C F 

A doll house is all that you could see
but it's so far from my reality
I got problems, i've got issues
sometimes it's all to much for me

Wrap it up with a pretty little bow
but there are some things you can't sugarcoat
so I'll give it to you anyway
even though it won't taste so sweet

( Am Em F C Am Em G )
I've been trying trying, hold my head up high
I've been lying lying, keeping it all inside
Maybe I can trust you, yeah
Take another leaf, I'm broke yeah yeah

[Repeat Chorus]


Sick of all the fighting
all the slamming of the doors
C                          F          E
the pain, the parents, too deep to ignore
step back, step back
can you see it through my eyes
I know, I know
       F     E
it may be a surprise

      Am                     E
Don't wanna be perceived for something that I'm not
     C                          F            E
just wanna be accepted for the little that I got
Dm                  Em
if you could see me now
in my glass house
not ready to let you in

C        G                    Am    F
  Whoa oh not ready to let you in 

[Repeat chorus until the end!]
end on C 

Thanks for reading! hope it works for you!! :D
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