Chet Faker - Terms And Conditions chords

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Killer artist, dope track. Here's just some chords to give you an idea of what to 
play. Note: these chords are normally played on keys. 

Rough approximation of the intro tune played for first 2 verses (played on keys)


(No chords)
Greed is on the lady
It's on the bone
Greed is on the lady, oh
It's time to fall

Naked on the bedroom
We died alone
Breathing on my baby, oh
It's not my fault

It's not the money
A#             G#
It's not her fault
              Cm       A#
Naked on the bedroom oh
I should've known

Oh my baby
A#            G#
I've been a fool
Now the sound of loving
    A#            G#
Is old and somehow gone

Cm        A#
Who said not to leave?
G#                 A#          Cm
Never known a boy to be so mean.
              A#       G#
Another soul lost in love
A#           Cm
Holding on and on

Oh she lusts on me
Not enough to last on love
Oh greet got to me
Holding on and on
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