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Chicosci - Amen chords

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song; amen
artist; chicosci
tuning; Drop C
submitted by; jilmark I. factor
text me; 09122432418
ym, fs and fb;

intro; A,Bb,G#,(16x)
choke ...

Look around, I have no name
Broken and bleeding, gone insane
Why do I hate, spit and complain?
My reason is clear, I see you near

A,Bb,G#,                    A,Bb,G#,
Somebody asking for another hole in his head (3x)

A        A/Bb   G#/A      A
So clear I hate your face amen 


You go around, a smile on your face
You act like you've won, can't control this outrage
What's so wrong, ringing in my head
You feel so good, seeing I have bled

-- repeat refrain --
--repeat chorus --

Been burning too long (6x)
You fucking choke

--repeat chorus --
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