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Childebeast - Daddy Mcgraw chords

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daddy mcgraw   
by: childebeast
album: the beastmasters (2007 Fauxtown Records)       

fingerpick the following chords: d-/F  a-/C  a-  C  d  E  Amaj7  E  d

iím all used up missing persons are well today
iím on my way, on my way  reuniting
remote control hustle my chick iíll buy you a few drinks
i go my way go my way my bodyís achiní
this graveyard scene its severe
bent out of shape it is strong very strong
mostly dead but yes you can pray
emerging from a coma that i didnít know i was in
(verse instrumental)

F  a-  d  x30210(CDACE)
these cads that you donít see here took a breather from kickiní in his
warm big toothy smile to working him over with their heels
did you know iím a father of three and soon i had to drink
my meals through a big straw the same one as the final one that
snapped when they asked out my little girl an
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