Chris August - Jesus Savior chords

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Intro:  D2

Verse 1:
Once upon a time, 
In a town called Nazareth, 
D                   Asus - A
Lived an ordinary girl. 
Mary was her name, 
And she was engaged, 
D                    Asus - A
To Joseph the carpenter. 

Pre-Chorus 1:
Suddenly an angel came, 
Said, "You will have a baby boy. 
  But don't be afraid, 
G               A
God is with you. 

              D        D/F#
Just call him Jesus, Savior, 
A               Bm      A
Son of God, the King of Kings." 
G        D           A
 Our salvation has a name. 
D      D/F#
Jesus, Savior, 
A                Bm     A
Precious Lord of Everything. 
G          A(stop)          intro 1st time)
 Our whole world's about to change, 
                            (Em7 2nd time into bridge)
                            (G 3rd time into ending)
Verse 2:
Mary was confused. 
And Joseph was too, 
He thought, "How could this be? 
Cause we're not married yet. 
And even if this is some miracle, 
Why would He choose you and me?" 

Pre-Chorus 2:
Then in a dream an angel came, 
Said, "Joseph you should marry Mary. 
Don't be afraid, this child's the very Son of God. 


Bridge: Em7     Asus   A    Em7    Asus - A

G        D/F#  Em7     A
Glory to God,  Peace on Earth. 
G        D/F#  Em7      A
Glory to God,  Peace on Earth. 
G        D/F#  Em7   D/F# - 
Glory to God, 
    G   -  A        D   D/F#  A  Bm   A 
He came to save the world. 


Ending:  G   D/F#  A
        Bm    A      G    D/F#  A
It will never be the same. 
          A(stop)          (intro)
Our whole world's about to change.
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