Chris August - Unashamed Of You tab

E-77-----------:-77------------: E-5/7/5-5/3-:
B---88-66-88--6:---88-66-88----: B-6/8/6-6/4-:
G-----------9--:------------9-6: G-----------:
D--------------:---------------: D-----------:
A--------------:---------------: A-----------:
E--------------:---------------: E-----------:

At the same time, another guitar is playing
                 (It's all palmed)
E---------------------------:-------------------: E-5/7/5-5/3-:
B---------------------------:-------------------: B-6/8/6-6/4-:
G---------------------------:-------------------: G-----------:
D-66-9-66-6-9-66-6-9-66-66-9:-66-9-66-6-9-66-6-9: A-----------:
E---------------------------:-------------------: E-----------:

I do not own this song, I just tabbed it. 
I give all the credit to Chris and his crew for making this awesome song.
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