Chris Brown - Open Road I Love Her chords

d|--2--0--0--(x3)-0--2--(Last time through)----------------------|   (INTRO)

e|-----                               e|-----    e|-----      e|-----        e|-----
b|--3--                               b|--3--    b|--3--      b|--3--        b|--3--
g|--0--                               g|--2--    g|--0--      g|--2--        g|--0--
d|--2--                               d|--0--    d|--0--      d|--0--        d|--2--(VERSES)
a|--2--                               a|--0--    a|--2--      a|--0--        a|--3--
e|-----                               e|--2--    e|--3--      e|--2--        e|-----

           I should've been a     better           man........spending.......things

e|---------------                                     e|-----
b|--3---------3--                                     b|--3--
g|--0---------0--                                     g|--2--
d|--2---------2--                                     d|--0--                  (BRIDGE)
a|--3---------2--                                     a|--0--
e|---------------                                     e|--2--

     You can blame it all on me
I know its like this because of me
And now............hitchiker waiting for a..............ride

e|--------------10h12-----------|                           e|--------| 
b|--10/8--10/12-------12-10-(12)|                           b|--(7)--5| 
g|------------------------------| (3x) end with             g|--------|      (LEAD)
d|------------------------------|                           d|--------|
a|------------------------------|                           a|--------|
e|------------------------------|                           e|--------|

on third time through the lead replace (12) with (7)
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