Chris Brown - No Bullshit tab

I was meaning to play this song but never really knew the chords for it. So I 
decided the check out this site but I didnt find any good ones.
So this song is really simple, the 4 chords are repetitive. So as soon as you hear 
the chords just play around with it a bit until you get the rhythm.

e|----7--let it ring--------0-let it ring---------------------------------|
B|--9-7--let it ring------4-5-let it ring---------------------------------|
G|--9-8--let it ring------4-4-let it ring---------------------------------|
D|--7-7--let it ring------2-2-let it ring---------------------------------|
A|--0-9--let it ring------2-4-let it ring---------------------------------|

this is it for the whole song.

Also if you wanna play around with the last part. But its completely optional on 
how you play it. Make it your own!

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