Chris De Burgh - Old Friend chords

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Old Friend
Words and music: Chris de Burgh
Album: Spanish Train and Other Stories (1975)

Capo  : II
Gmaj7 : 200023
[ch]Adim7[/ch] : --4545
A#m   : 123311
B7    : -21202


G       Gmaj7            Adim7      B7      Em
Old friend, so you're in trouble again, you ask me today
   Am             D               Bm          Em
To try and find a little time and maybe buy a glass of wine
    Am    D
Old friend, I'm coming through


    G               B7          Em
Old friend, yes I remember you, always a smile on your face
     Am          D                Bm            Em
Oh a memory from years before, an old man and a little boy
    Am    D            G      B7
Old friend, I remember you

Em                  Am      D                   Em
You used to take me fishing down by the wishing well
Em                  Bm             C        D        Em
One day you threw a wish in and we listened while it fell
And you made a wish...

C         D         G            C        D       G
"When the years are heavy and my heart is growing cold
       C             B7      Em                  D7
Well I wish when the evening comes that there'll always be
     G   Bm - A#m - Am            D       G
Some ol' ol'  old   friend who'll miss me too"

Well I do
   Am    D           G          D
So friend I'm coming through

G - B7 - Em
Da di da di da...

         Am              D              Bm             Em
Yes, for you I'll always find the time, we will have a bottle of wine
    Am    D                  Bm               E
Old friend, I'm here by your side, Oh, to the very end
    Am    D
Old friend... I miss you too

                                 My dear...

    G    Bm   Bm - A#m - Am  D
Old friend... AhhhhAhhh  Ah, Ooooh... (repeat to fade)
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