Chris De Burgh - Footsteps First Steps Footsteps Footsteps 2 Theme chords

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Chris de Burgh - Footsteps (First Steps/Footsteps/Footsteps 2 Theme)
From the album: Footsteps (2008) and Footsteps 2 (2011)
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These are the chords for the songs First Steps, Footsteps and Footsteps 2 Theme.
These songs appear on the two footsteps albums from Chris de Burgh and I have
put them all together in one tab becouse they belong together.
All three songs are played with the capo on the 2nd fret.
I made this tab by ear and as you can see, the chords in "Footsteps 2 Theme"
change when the orchestra joins in. This was quite hard to hear but I think
this is how it is supposed to be. 
Listen carefully for the timing to play the chords on the right time. 
(F takes 8 counts, C and Bb takes 4 counts and the rest takes 8 counts again).

Capo 2

First Steps:
 G Em Am D D7

  G        Em  Am    D D7  G    Em   Am   
 Footsteps,   Voices,     Faces,   Places,
               D   D7               G
 They're here again,  they're here again.
C               G          D               Em
 And from that moment, I dreamed I could fly,
C               G          D                C  
 And from that mountain I reached for the sky.
C                   G             D        Em
 Through tears and good times, I found my way.
C                 G          D    D7
 Those years are calling me again. 

              G                Em
 Then I hear footsteps echoing along the winding road,
             Am                     D             D7
 I can hear voices singing all the songs I have known,
            G                        Em
 And I see faces, All the ones I've loved along the way,
              Am                   D  D7               G
 People and places, They're here again,  they're here again... 

 G Em Am D D7
 G Em Am D D7
 G Em Am D D7

  G        Em  Am    D D7  G    Em   Am   D D7
 Footsteps,   Voices,     Faces,   Places,
 And I hear Footsteps.........

Footsteps 2 Theme:
 C G D Em 
 C G D C 
 C G D Em 
 C G D D7

 G   Em  Am D D7
 F   C   Bb A
 F#m Bm  E  A
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