Chris De Burgh - The Light On The Bay chords

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Chris de Burgh - The Light On The Bay
From the album: Moonfleet & Other Stories (2010)
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Em              D       
 Last night, I saw it there,
  C                   D   Em
Shining in the dark again,
                        D       C
The light that all men seem to fear,
                D            G      D       C
They say that sailors were drowning in the bay,
And people kept away,
         F                                  Em
Waiting for the riches that a wreck would bring,
When the morning comes,
     C                 D                Em
And now the ghost of Blackbeard walks again,
    C                  D                  Em
To haunt the ones who would not hear the pain

 D    C  D Em
Help me, 
 D    C  D Em
Help me...

           D               C                           D  Em
I took the old path down, down to where the graveyard lay,
              D              C
The place I knew when I was young,
                D            G           D     C
They say that Blackbeard had hidden precious stones,
Amongst the ancient bones,
      F                              Em
So I set off to the darkness down below,
By the candle glow,
        C               D             Em
T'was then I heard the voices, saw a light,
      C             D             Em
And started on the journey of my life...
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