Chris Knight - Love And A 45 chords

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Capo 4th fret

Intro: D Em Cadd9 G

D          Em
Badge number 301, ||

  Cadd9                G              D
sits in his car and stares at his gun

      D                          Em
Wipes the blood from his shirt the sweat from his brow

      Cadd9                   G
He got out this time but he don't know how

 Cadd9               G
He'd go on home but nobody's there 

  D                  G
No one to hold noone to care

 D                           Em
There was a time when he had someone

  Cadd9                   G           G  G/F
But one day he came home, she was gone


Em      Cadd9
Love and a .45

     D                       G              G G/F
Are All you need to get you through the night

Em                    Cadd9
One'll kill you one'll keep you alive 

D        G
Love and .45

Parol number 14 2 
sits on the corner like she used to do
Shes been away awhile so shes a lil afraid
and the judge said he didnt wanna see her again
but she's got no money shes got no rent
The money she has is already spent
But a couple weeks ago she learned her lesson
And went a bought her a lil bit of Smith and Wesson


Am             C
At 3:15 He had a call 

Em                             D
Somebody heard a scream behind the wall

Am                      C
In a little motel down by the bay

Em                       D
but Before he got there, they got away

D                           Em
She was alright just a little roughed up

Cadd9                 G                D
So I, Took her down to the coffee shop

D                        Em 
There were 40 files said victim unknown

Cadd9                          G            G G/F
Now She waits up nights for him to come home

chorus 2 times 
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