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Chris Ledoux - Johnson County War tab

Johnson County War
Chris Ledoux
Album: Powder River
Standard Tuning
Tabbed by Wyomingcowboy86
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Guitar 2



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Am                     G Am  Am                                       
Headed for Wyoming, in 1882, A woman, a team, and a wagon.
           G                 Am 
Gonna make our dreams come true.
F              G                                  Am
Settled in the foothills of the big horn mountain slope.
                                           G            Am
Life is sweet we lived on the meat, of the deer and the antelope
Am                                          G                    Am
We cut house logs on the mountain, with the team we hauled 'em down
Am                                G                  Am
Peeled 'em and we stacked 'em up, plowed some bottom ground.
F                  G                          Am
Traded for some cattle, turned 'em out on the range
Am                                      G                     Am
The skies were blue and we never knew...How things were gonna change

F                   G              Am                  
Ole powder river, you're muddy and wide,
F                                    E
How many men have died...upon your shores.
F                               G                 Am
When you brand a man a rustler, he's gotta take a side.
           F                     G               Am
There's no middle ground in this Johnson Country War.

Am                                        G                                   
Well, the neighbors stopped by yesterday, while I was outside choppin’ 
Am                                       G                        Am
And they filled me in on the local news, ain't none of it sounded good,
F                                       G                       Am
Said, they'd been some cattle stealin', by some no count outlaw band.
Am                                         G                Am
We'd all been branded rustler's by the big ranchers of this land.
Am                                            G                  Am
Well it was us against the cattlemen, and the years just made it worse.
Am                                        G               
First the drought, then the tough winter, Johnson County had been dealt 
a curse,
F                                   G               Am     
Then their came the story about the two "dry gulch" attacks:
Am                            G                     Am
Ranger Jones and John Tisdale both been shot in the back

Verse 3
Am                              G                 Am
Then last night at supper time, riders stopped by chance.
Am                                  G                      Am
They said cattleman and hired guns, just burned the Kaycee Ranch,
F                              G                Am
Two men had died this mornin', shot down in the snow
Am                                G        Am
Now the vigilante army was on the march to Buffalo
Am                                   G                       Am
Well the county was in an uproar, an every man saddled up to ride
Am                                        G                   Am
Caught the cattlemen at the TA Ranch, and surrounded all four sides
F                        G                                 Am
We hailed the house with bullets and swore they were gonna pay
Am                                          G                    Am
But the Calvary came across the plains, and once again saved the day

Am                                          G              Am
Well, they marched 'em off to Cheyenne, and no one went to jail
Am                                            G                  Am
The cattlemen we're all turned loose, and the hired guns hit the trail
F                    Em              G               Am   
And I guess the only justice, wasn't much to say the least
(No Chord)->
Last winter me and mine ate mighty fine on the cattle baron's beef.

           F                     G              Am
There's no middle ground in this Johnson County War...

Am G Am Am G Am F G Am G G Am
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