Chris Levy - What You Feel chords

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Capo 3


Dm A C Em


Dm          A
Time and space, 

C             Em
There's a lonely place.

Dm            A
There's no sound,

C                       Em 
Just a heart that pounds.

Dm          A                         C              Em          
Life's unknown, where's the way back home?

Dm          A               C        Em
In my mind, there's a silent cry.


Am                                C     G
What you feel, what you know,

                F                G 
You're not in control, (Woah-oh-oh-uh-uh-oh)

Am                   C  G
If you just let it go, 

              F                              G
There's a piece you'll know... (Woah-oh-oh-ooooooh)

Repeat Verse Chords

Got to be, 
Something bigger than me, 
How to find, 
Just some peace of mind? 
When in sight, part of you gives light. 
In my mind, the same tape rewinds.

Chorus X 4
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