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Chris Rea - Loves Strange Ways chords

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Love's strange  ways - Chris Rea

I worked this out by ear, my first post - any feedback is welcome, the picking in 
this tune is sublime - I do not have the skills / patience to work it out. Mail 
any info, not too much abuse but.

Intro: Am Dm (x4)

Am                                         Dm
When passion shines her blinding light on you.
You know my friend there's nothing, 
that you can really do,
      Am                        Dm
Just follow on behind the veil of deepest purple haze,
E                        Am   Dm
down, to Love's strange ways.
Am                               Dm
Drowning in your laughter as you go
Intoxicating laughter 
that spins you high and low.
Dangerous times are these
but oh so wonderfully new,
Laugh along you fool
can't you see they're laughing at you.
Lost in a haze,
E                 Am     Dm  Am  Dm
of love's strange ways.


G                      Am  Asus2
Ain't it funny how it turns,
Dm                         Am
when it's all over nothing learned.
        Dm                Am
Just a passion, and they fooled,
E                 Am
and memory that burns.
and that's what you get, 
when you play
                Am   Dm
with love's strange ways

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