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Chris Rene - Where Do We Go From Here chords

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This is 100% the correct way that Chris Rene plays this song live. Mostly all of 
the chords are barred, so for the first chord F its just played down at the 5th 
fret and so on. Comment and rate! :)
Tuning: Standard

(Bar-5)F  (Bar-4)Bm  (Bar-2)Bb  D  (Bar-9)Dm  Em  (Bar-2)Gm (Bar-5)Fm   Cm
 F         Bm        Bb           D
yeah yeah yeah yeah dana nana nanananana

F          Bm
yeah yeah yeah yeah

F          Bm                Bb                  D
well maybe we can take our chances, or maybe we can see
                F                  Bm          Dm            Em
whats on your mind I wonder if we look, inside our hearts, exactly what
       F                     Bm         Bb       D
we'd find or maybe we could take a lot of pain away         yeah yeah
 F                  Bm             Bb       D
or maybe we could heal the world today
F          Bm           Gm     Fm       F                   Cm       
or maybe, you know, something, i don't, if you do then tell me

   F            Bm    Bb                          D
where do we go from here where do we go from here
   F                    Bm    Gm           Fm
where do we go from here yeah yeah yeah yeah


 Gm  Fm     F
God only knows
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