Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Beware Oh Take Care chords

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Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Big Moon Ritual (2012)

D     000232
A5    0x2200
Asus4 002230
Bm    024432
A     002220
G     355433
C     032010
Em    022000

Listen to the track to get the strum patterns.  It changes up often, but this is the framework.

Intro (5 strums to the EADG only, then quick A to a slow strum Bm)

G       A  Bm (x2)
G       A
G       A
G       A  Bm

D                  A5/Asus4
To you I'm just a memory
Bm              A          G
Something lost among the leaves
G                A        Bm    (Intro strum pattern)
Something found along the way

D                        A5/Asus4
And so begin these empty pages
Bm         A      G
At the end of a dream
G                A    Bm
Watch it slowly fade away

The slight of hand the bait and switch
All the parlor tricks have been played on me
I've seen them come and watched them go
Into the night down a road of stone

D          C         G
Beware, oh take care

D                           A5/Asus4
I guess it takes a thief to know one
A            Bm             G
And liars live for broken things
G               A         Bm
Traitors just smile and smile
D                        A5/Asus4
The actor has his black mirror
A          Bm        G
The poet a poison throne
G              A      Bm
To rule his kingdom alone

G          A       (Intro pattern)

Em                         D
But I'm still singing the blues
Em                     D
Dancing that old soft shoe
Em                      C
I'm still drift'n from cloud to cloud
Bm                     D
Never looking to come down

D                 A5/Asus4
From hell to high water
Bm         A      G
Over that angel bridge
G          A      Bm
Out into the wilderness

D          C         Em  (repeat and jam over)
Beware, oh take care

This is my first tab, be gentle. They definitely tweak the A5/Asus4 and D chords to add 
a few notes.  Overall great song with a lot of space to play.

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